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MS0INT – Isle of Tiree, EU-008

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[UPDATE] – DX-World updates might be a little irregular in the coming days as I’ll be away for a few days operating on the Isle of Tiree. Normal service after Tuesday. Look forward to seeing many and familiar callsigns in our log.  #MS0INT [PREVIOUSLY] On May 26th – after picking up Nobby G0VJG from the […]

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Re: Магнитная нерезонансная

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BFQ18 по оригинальной схеме K8ZOA, теперешняя маркировка не видна.
Not recommended for new design in, please use replacements BFU580Q / BFU590Q
minimum noise figure 1.05 dB at Ic = 20 mA

Кстати у меня сгорел не предусилитель а power inserter, DXEnginee...


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