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3X2021 – Guinea

DX-World -

NEWS UPDATE – Next weekend, Jean-Philippe hopes to be active from IOTA AF-051 as 3X2021/P mainly on FT4. AUGUST 24, 2021 – Jean-Philippe, F1TMY (ex-J28PJ) will be active from Conakry, Guinea starting mid-September 2021. He has been issued with the callsign 3X2021 (although this callsign may change through time). He’ll be staying in Guinea for […]

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Hadrian's Wall Special Event Station

Southgate Amateur Radio News -

We have just had the callsigns issued for two Special Event Stations to commemorate 1900 years since Hadrian's Wall was built, the northern frontier of the mighty Roman Empire and which was the inspiration for the Wall in George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones...

QSO Today - Geoffrey Mendenhall, W8GNM

Southgate Amateur Radio News -

Geoffrey Mendenhall, W8GNM's early interest in electronics, germanium transistors, and later high power triodes led him to a career, as an engineer, designing, building, and managing broadcast transmitters projects for Gates Radio and later Harris Broadcast

2022 SARL National Convention

Southgate Amateur Radio News -

The 2022 SARL National Convention will be held virtually on Saturday 9 April and Saturday 23 April 2022. On 9 April, the Amateur Radio Technology In Action Symposium and on 23 April, the Annual General Meeting and the SARL Awards and Trophies


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