CQ Antennas

Manufacturers/Antenna Parts
Antenna insulators manufacturer, CQ Antennas provides great quality amateur radio gear to amateur radio operators and trusted emergency preparedness pros at a great price

Alpha Power Systems LLC

Manufacturers/Power Supply
Alpha Power Systems, LLC is committed to offering the highest quality of surge protection and power quality products, such us Backup UPS available with service second to none

A Small Loop for 20 and 15 meter band,

A Small Loop for 20 and 15 meter band, Wire Antenna Design Lengths, 2 elements Folded Yagi Antenna for 6 Meters, Portable Vertical Antenna, Getting started on 70cm E.M.E flier , 3 Element Beam for 50 MHz, An Experimental Q Meter, Cam Radio Net, Danny Shortwave And Radio DX, TJ2TT Log Onlne, Cross Band Repeaters, Coremax Technology

Ramsey - RF Test Enclosures

Manufacturers/Test Equipment
RF Shielded Test Enclosures and I/O devices, Forensic Enclosures, RF Test Enclosures products. In addition to RF Test Enclosures, Ramsey also offer the latest I/O devices to keep your RF test environment well isolated.

World Map

Free windows world map application display current time, sunrise and sunset, greyline map, dx stations, requires windows 7 or higher. The program includes three resized Natural Earth maps which have been resized to 4k or slightly less. By Simon Brown G4ELI better known as the inventor of Ham Radio Deluxe.

Duracomm Power Supplies

Manufacturers/Power Supply
Power Solutions for Durable Communication Systems. Founded in Sep. 1992, DuraComm Power Supplies is a worldwide recognized leader in ultra-reliable AC-to-DC switch mode power supplies commonly used in the communications industry.

AOR AR DV10 Wide-band SDR Handheld Receiver

AOR AR-DV10 the worlds most advanced wide-band 100kHz-1300MHz, multi-mode, SDR receiver. It supports a variety of digital and analog modes in the Amateur radios bands, Aircraft band, Marine band and Commercial bands.

Uzice Award

DX Resources/Ham Radio Awards
The earliest known historical record of the name Uzice is found in a document in the Ragusan archives, dated October 9th, 1329. In memory of this date, October 9th is now Uzice City Day. Earlier settlements in the vicinity date back to the Neolithic times. Throughout history, this area has been at a crossroads connecting economies and cultures North-South and East-West. To this day, Uzice is an important economic, industrial and cultural center. Award is active from October 1st to October 16th each year. To win you have to collect enough points making contacts (QSOs) with amateur radio stations which base locations are in the Uzice City Area.

MCBRN Michigan Citizens Band Radio Network

CB Radio/Clubs
MCBRN Michigan Citizens Band Radio Network a volunteer group/organization for maintaining two way communications during an emergency, crisis, disaster, or blackout, using CB FRS MURS and WiFi. Includes plans, message relay services, neighborhood watches, large events, encampments and gatherings.

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1808

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