Magnetic Loop 600 KHz-4MHz

Antennas/Magnetic Loop
The antenna is built on a cross-shaped frame with spar width (and height) of 48 inches, providing a height of 52 inches and a width of 49 inches. This antenna costs only about $45 to construct and can be built in just a few hours using simple hand tools. The best part is that the performance on 160M and 80M is excellent

30m Half -Size Rotary Dipole

A rotary dipole antenna for 30 meters band. Each arm is about 12.5 ft and is constructed from telescoping fibreglass flag/fishing poles and short lengths of aluminium tubing. Two short lengths of glass-fibre rod were used to insulate the arms from the supporting hardware.

A switched Capacitor Audio Filter

Technical Reference/Audio
Here is a rather nice audio filter for use with Ham Radio gear. It features switchable operation as a -32 dB per octave low pass or notch filter having a 200Hz-2500Hz tunable cutoff frequency, buffered input and output, switch selectable filter bypass function, and good stability. T

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Software/Weak Signal
VARA HF is a soundcard modem that can be found on the HF bands exchanging traffic (Winlink). VARA implements an High Speed Data Mode and comes in 2 separate programs VARA FM and VARA HF. VARA is a High Performance HF modem based on OFDM modulation. VARA Modem, brings state of the art Military grade technology to new and existing HF data. Introduces a new standard of technology available for Amateur and Commercial use. Designed for operation within a SSB Bandwidth of 2400 Hz.

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Build the K1FM-Loop

Antennas/Magnetic Loop
The latest version of the K1FM-Loop is electrically similar to the previous one, but it is designed around off-the-shelf parts or, more generically, items you can readily order online. This antenna relies heavily on 3D printing.