Southgate Amateur Radio News

Tony's 10m Band Report

Not a great week but Sunday conditions really came to the front. We had great weather in the UK and a lot of folk were in their own gardens keeping warm but safe and some, including me, fired up the barbeque. TI2CC (Cost Rica), ZW60DF (Brazil special), HP1ELV (Panama) and J68HZ were all very popular

Historic first trans-Atlantic contact made on 432 MHz

On Tuesday the 7th of April 2020, a remarkable contact was made on the FT8 digital mode on the 432 MHz band between D4VHF on the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa and FG8OJ in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean

COVID-19 and radio amateurs in IARU Region 2

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, up to April 2, 2020 the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has reported 247,473 confirmed cases and 5,600 deaths in America

WIA Board elections

Mr John Marshall, the returning officer of the Wireless Institute of Australia, has declared that in accordance with The WIA Constitution, Clause 14.1c and the Regulations (as amended November 2017) nominations were called for three positions which will be vacated in 2020

Latin America and Carribean Contest on HamSphere 4.0

Welcome to our first HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest. You can work with everyone for distances points, but our Latin American and Caribbean friends will give you 10 extra points for each valid QSO and multipliers for their countries. Beam you antennas to South America and Caribbeans

Coronavirus: International understanding and help

Germany's DARC reports in 2018 and 2019, Reinhard Kühn, DK5LA, supported the Harbin Institute of Technology in China with the EME system for the Chinese Longjiang 2 moon mission

Coronavirus: On-line knowledge sharing

Don Beattie G3BJ reports on the IARU Region 1 site that Member Societies ARA (Algeria) and ARAT (Tunisia) have started this week a series of online knowledge sharing sessions for their members and the public

Minute by Minute - Norwegian TV

In the summer of 2011, NRK (Norway’s equivalent of the BBC) set a Guinness World Record. They broadcast live, continuously, minute-by-minute from 11 cameras set up on MS Nordnorge during a Classic Voyage North

The Space Weather Woman

New Bright Signs of Cycle 25 | Solar Storm Forecast - The latest space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW

SRAL - The Finnish Amateur Radio League

In the world-wide amateur radio community, social distancing is not an issue. The ham radio network operates by radio waves with signals flying high and wide, across all borders near and far