Southgate Amateur Radio News

60m band allocation for Slovenia (S5)

The Association of Radio Amateurs of Slovenia (ZRS) has informed the IARU Region 1 HF Manager today that since 14 JUL 2018, after updated national legislation related to the radioamateur service, 60m band is available to S5 radioamateurs

UN/Brazil Symposium on Basic Space Technology September 2018

The theme for the United Nations/Brazil Symposium on Basic Space Technology is 'Creating Novel Opportunities with Small Satellite Space Missions'. The symposium will be held September 11-14, 2018 in Natal, Brazil

Kingdom of eSwatini

Pista HA5AO will arrive in eSwatini (Swaziland) on September 14th, late afternoon. He plans to operate during his free time between September 16-28th, from the Mountain Inn Resort at Mbabane. He received the 3DA0AO license and an LotW certificate

New Band Plans for New Spectrum

The International Amateur Radio Union - Region 1 have published their latest VHF Newsletter. It reads: This is an urgent newsletter on behalf of our Irish friends

A first time for everything

They say there's a first time for everything and nowhere could that be truer than in amateur radio

Kenwood ham radio transceiver in Die Hard movie

ARRL have made available an article on the vintage movie Die Hard that featured an amateur radio transceiver believed to be the Kenwood TH-41BT 144/220/440 MHz HT

Opening times at Bergen Broadcaster

Close to the city of Bergen in western Norway, the old MW broadcasting transmitter and building from 1938 forms the basis of a museum at Erdal, on Askøy

19th World ARDF Championships

The Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL) will be hosting the IARU World ARDF Championships this year (2018) in the beautiful mountainous and seaside surroundings of Sokcho City, Gangwon Province

IARU HF Championship logs

To help with log cross-checking, the organisers have asked everyone who has operated this weekend in the IARU HF Championship as a competitor to upload their Cabrillo log to the WRTC web site immediately after the contest

Nunavut operation

Mike will be active from Iqaluit, Nunavut as VY0BRR using all modes and all bands except 160m for several months, at least until Xmas 2018


ARN has launched interactive advertising technology 'ShakeMe' across iHeartRadio, via an audio ad format launched in December last year by Californian tech company AdsWizz

WRTC 2018

cq contest cq test ... The contest has been running for some hours now and the competitors are wrestling each other for points. The bands are "very busy" and finding a free frequency is exhausting

VK6WIA NewsWest

It’s our NEW AMATEURS week, where we celebrate new, upgraded and returning calls. We’ll also discuss about gear and portable operations. Onno talks QRP and where you need to go, in order to obtain your license

QSO Today - David Finell - N7LRY

David Finell, N7LRY described himself to his future wife as a mad scientist, coming from a ham radio family that encouraged deep learning of the subjects that interested him