Southgate Amateur Radio News

Foundations of Amateur Radio #189

The reported death of Amateur Radio due to FT8 is an exaggeration - In 2017 a new digital amateur mode called FT8 joined the ranks of inventions related to our hobby. Since then it's taken the amateur world by storm, filled the bands with contacts and attracted a strong following among radio amateurs across the planet. Making contacts with low solar cycle numbers has never been so easy

International Air Ambulance Week 2019

This year's International Air Ambulance Week will take place between 7th-15th September 2019, with the focus on supporting and generating donations for flying medical services around the world

Long-range RFID with feedback

Not long ago, Hackaday published an article about researchers adding sensor data to passive RFID tags, and a comment from a reader turned their heads to a consumer/maker version which anyone can start using right away

YOTA in VK ?

Wireless Institute of Australia Director Marcus VK5WTF commented recently on the Youth on the Air or YOTA program that has received attention at IARU level

DX News from the ARRL

The American Radio Relay League's round-up of the forthcoming week's DX activity on the amateur radio bands

Tony's 10m Band Report

Note that this week it only takes two contacts to get in the table except for Sunday during the DARC 10m contest. DX of the week 9LY1JM (Sierra-Leone DXpedition). They have been on FT8 but the call upsets WSJT-X. You can get round it by typing the call into “DX Call” then all the messages get generated correctly. It will be corrected in the next version.

RAC Scholarship awarded

It is with great pleasure that RAC Atlantic Director Dave Goodwin, VE9CB and Scholarship Chair Bill Unger, VE3XT, announce the awarding of a $500 scholarship to Alex Colpitts, VE9LEX, on behalf of all Radio Amateurs of Canada members

SOTABEAMS introduces SOTA Tours

The Summits on the Air award programme runs in many countries across the world with SOTA activators keen to explore. SOTABEAMS has introduced the concept of a "SOTA Tour". This is a guided trip, giving overseas SOTA activators a stress-free way of activating summits in Scotland, England and Wales

Canadian op

Chris/VO2AC, Frank/VO1HP, and Dave/VE9CB plan to operate the CQ WW 160m Contest from the Point Amour Lighthouse (WW Loc. GO11) in the south-eastern part of zone 2 as VO2AC

A collision in the asteroid belt

Something violent just happened in the asteroid belt. Not far beyond the orbit of Mars, asteroid 6478 Gault appears to have been struck by another asteroid