ILLW 2017: YL3BU and YL3AX from Oviši Lighthouse

Любительская радиосвязь: 

Aleksandrs G. (Alex YL3BU) and Aleksandrs M. (YL3AX) 19-20.08.2017 ILLW activity from the Oviši lighthouse (KO07UN, ILLW nr. LV0005).
"The oldest lighthouse in Latvia – the Oviši lighthouse – is located on the Oviši promontory 360m from the shoreline. The lighthouse is still active and has been included in the list of national protected cultural monuments. Built in 1814 or 1844, tower height – 37 m, altitude – 38 m. The flashing light is visible 15 nautical miles distant." [3]


Oviši lighthouse location on the map
Longitude : 21.71628 E (21° 42' 59'' E), Latitude : 57.56869 N (57° 34' 7'' N))


Entrance to the Ovisi lighthouseLighthouse lamp

Ham Radio shack was located on the first floor of the lighthouse.

Alex YL3BU, Yuri YL3DJ and Alex YL3AX in the shack

YL3BU setup: Kenwood TS-480SAT with 100 W output, 50 m RG-213 coaxial cable and 7 meter wire vertical on the top of lighthouse with SG-239 automatic antenna tuner, which is powered by the same coaxial cable through a self-made DC power injector.

YL3AX setup on the photo.

Alex YL3AX

Antenna 1: 40 m band dipole and Inverted V for 80 m. with a common feed point > 20 meters above the ground by YL3AX.


Antenna 2: Vertical antenna with automatic tuner SG-239 for 10 m - 40 m bands by YL3BU.

Vertical antenna with automatic tuner SG-239Vertical antenna with automatic tuner SG-239
Alex YL3BU and Vertical antenna with automatic tuner SG-239

YL3BU's 317 QSO map by QSOMAP.ORG (green - CW, red - SSB)

YL3BU's 324 QSO map by QSOMAP.ORG

View from the Oviši lighthouse tower

View from the Oviši lighthouse towerView from the Oviši lighthouse tower

There is a lighthouse museum where you can see different old equipment. Here are just some photos of radio equipment by Alex YL3AX.

There is even more interesting, of course - the optics of lighthouses, sea buoys, the history of the Oviši lighthouse.We have seen a lot of tourists, during our Ham Radio activity. You are welcome :)

Baltic Sea coast, not far from the Oviši lighthouse.

Alex YL3BU


Special thanks for the extra help and support with DXpedition to Oviši Lighthouse organisation to:
  • Aivars Nolbergs (YL3HE) for his idea.
  • Ervins Kristiņš (YL2CQ) for support, organization and coordination.
  • LRAL and personally to Imants Tukleris (YL3CT) for support.
  • Ventspils Freeport for permission and support.
  • Lighthouse keeper Iveta for all-round support !
  • To all radio amateurs for interest and QSO with the Oviši lighthouse.
30.10.2017 update
I have prepared and sent paper QSL cards for all YL3BU QSO and also it's uploaded to LoTW.


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  4. Latvian amateur radio league - LRAL
  5. ILLW - работа с маяков: YL3DJ (Mikeļbaka), YL3HE, YL2BK (Oviši)