CQ WW DX SSB 2013 ... de YL1ZX, contest!

Eugene YL2TD, Dmitry YL3CL, Vitaly YL3FK, Alex YL3FO, Miks YL3GY and Alex YL3BU will be active on the 26-27 oktober 2013 from Brizule (QTH loc. KO17NC) as YL1ZX for CQ WW DX SSB contest.

Please find and support us on the our bands! We will be active on the 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 meter bands. We will meet you in contest! 73 and GL!


Предварительные результаты / Raw Scores Before Checking

Места в классе SSB / Multi-Op Single-transmitter / World

194.  YL1S............1,038,860 (YL1ZS YL2PP)
227.  YL1ZX...........700,980 (YL2TD YL3FO YL3BU YL3GY YL3CL YL3FK)

Eugene, YL2TD
Dmitry, YL3CL
Vitaly, YL3FK
Alex, YL3FO
Miks, YL3GY
Alex, YL3BU



Заявленные результаты

QSO: 1039
Очки: 702660

Итоговый результат

The official CQ WW Certificate for YL1ZX (PDF, 5.1Mb)

CQ Zone Map

CQ Zone Map by EI8IC


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  2. CQ World Wide DX SSB Announced Operations: 2013
  3. CQWW Activity Analyzer (from Stan EI6DX)
  4. D4C contest station on YouTube
  5. YL1ZS contest station

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